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Start with a short survey to get placed into your group. Each group is a small chat with other users that have the same condition, severity of symptoms, and age. Together, you can inspire positivity and make not only your day better, but others' as well.


The Solace Plan is an emergency action plan if you are ever in distress. Enter your medical information and treatment preferences (if you'd like) along with a few emergency contacts. The plan can be engaged either when a distressful message is sent in the group chat or manually by clicking a button. When the plan is engaged the user's medical information and treatment preferences are sent out to their emergency contacts to let them know they are in need of help.


The tracker pushes a notification to your phone at regular intervals asking you to "check in" on your mental state. It only takes a tap and allows you to follow your progress over time, even if you aren't regularly attending therapy or using the chat.

Laurent Shiels


Laurent is an economics major at Rutgers University. He has used his love for technology and business to do freelance work where he has been responsible for millions of dollars worth of data. He has also taught at Kean University and interned at Newark Venture Partners where he was responsible for acquiring clients such as Sony Music for a portfolio company.

He wanted to create Solace because of his personal experience dealing with mental health issues. He has seen many of the faults in the mental health treatment system and wants to make sure that people feel willing to reach out for help.

Nick Lusskin


Nick has been programming for nearly 15 years – writing his first HTML powered website listing favorite books when he was eight years old.

Since then, he graduated from the Rutgers Honors College in 3 years with a degree in bioinformatics while working on engineering projects for Fortune 500 companies. He saved AstraZeneca $10,000/year by restructuring data pipelines at the Frederick, MD manufacturing facility.

While doing research in bioinformatics, Nick built an ML tool for classifying metagenomes and published a paper on his work. The tool has been used by scientists in dozens of labs around the world.


Business Development

James studied mechanical engineering and integrated design at the University of Delaware where he received distinguished recognition for a design project beating, hundreds of other engineering students. James also placed 2nd overall in a design competition with major toy company Melissa and Doug.

James worked in a legal office dealing with commercial litigation, obtaining direct insight in running a business.

James has personal experience with mental illness and is an advocate for mental health awareness.